Being at the forefront of Warehouse Execution doesn't only mean developing world class software. As leaders in the field of operations engineering and warehouse execution, we take serious our role in defining the trends and practices driving innovation in the field of warehouse optimization. Our resources allow us to share with you the practices and tools we've learned while developing systems to make warehouses run better.

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Warehouse Execution Software: Doing More with Less

In a recent article in Modern Materials Handling, Associate Editor Josh Bond observes that recent growth in manufacturing is “largely due to a focus on doing more with less — optimizing existing facilities instead of new building.” In the same article, Director of Research for Peerless Research Group, Judd Aschenbrand, notes, “Technology is expected to become even more critical in the upcoming years as a growing percentage of operations plan to automate inventory control and handling, distribution processes and labor management. In warehouses and DCs, continuous improvement, workload planning and lean processes are key initiatives going forward.”

Intelligent Investments: How PLC-based Controls Future Proof Your Warehouse

Whether you’re designing a greenfield site, or upgrading your current controls system at an existing site, distributors must decide what system they will use to drive their conveyable MHE. Most solutions fall into one of two camps: PC-based controls systems and PLC-based controls systems.

Next Generation Pick-to-Light: Create Efficiencies and Increase Productivity

Pick and Put-to-Light (PTL) systems deliver a cost-effective and highly efficient method for improving throughput and accuracy by eliminating read errors and reducing walking time. These systems are well suited for a myriad of order profiles and combinations thereof. PTL offers the visual advantage of using bright, multicolored displays to accurately display the correct pick in a small area.

Create Operational Agility by Leveraging Distribution Science®

The term omni-channel has become inextricably linked with the retail industry, and for good reason. Customers are pressing for an “on demand” experience, forcing retailers to adopt solutions that can handle order processing and fulfillment across multiple channels with differing order profiles. They are looking for solutions that will enable them to apply their know-how, intuition and innovations to serve their customers quicker and more accurately than their competition. Meeting these demands requires new mindsets to seek out solutions that are as flexible as the demands driving the change.

Leverage Distribution Science® to Optimize Facility Design

Making changes to an existing infrastructure? Thinking about or currently building a new site? Still debating what software to utilize to net the biggest returns? Learn how utilizing a scientific design approach creates an optimal solution throughout the facility.

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