Wave Planning


Wave-less Solution, Wave-based Solution, or a Hybrid of Both

Remaining competitive in today's omni-channel supply chain requires more automation than ever. Solutions must manage and automate labor, inventory, equipment, and the addition of mechatronics, while knowing down to the second the shipment location. Still, there remains one common goal for the supply chain - getting orders off the dock as quickly as possible.

Wave Planning

Static Waving/Batching - Typical of WMS or WCS

The static batching approach imposes a constraint that allows exceptions in picking (unavailable inventory, labor shortage, pick rate variability) to impact the volume that can be pushed through the put walls.

Batches of work are created based on availability of downstream resources.

Batching uses the highest priority orders to create batch pick assignments by zone for each put wall or subset of put wall that is available.

The next batch of work may not be released until the final item for the previous batch has been confirmed as put.

Dynamic Batching - Dematic Reddwerks WES

Our Warehouse Execution Software (WES) optimized by Distribution Science®, connects execution with intelligence.

Distribution Science® is a patented mathematical, scientific, and systematic methodology of facility evaluation and optimization provided in the form of an Operations Research Study.

This systematic analysis is used to create real-time decision engines. These engines are coupled with advanced algorithmic plug-ins to implement an execution layer based on your facility needs, pain points, and business goals.

Wave-less processing is one component of this execution layer, which is determined by advanced business logic utilizing different data sets and scenarios.

Wave-less processing is a single-batch operation that continuously releases new orders from a constantly morphing pool of orders to downstream resources targeted to handle the volume.

The batch can be calculated from the limitations of end-of-line operations and/or processes that physically limit flow.

From this batch, wave-less operation allows for continuous order processing without additional buffering.

All labor and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) run at a constant level throughout the day and are not limited by ebbs and flows of slowly released waves.

Hybrid Solution - Both Wave-less & Wave-based

Wave Planning creates the engines to improve equipment use, order cycle time, quality and cost/unit shipped.

The Dematic Multi-Shuttle is an exceptional goods-to-person device.

The Dematic Reddwerks lights are a superior pick technology.

Wave-less is a still ground-breaking processing approach.

Regardless of these facts, designs should not force these components into any solution. The Operations Research effort determines what components best fit the optimal solution for the application.

Still, there remains one common goal for the supply chain - getting orders off the dock as quickly as possible.

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