Warehouse Execution Software


Warehouse Execution Software (WES) is a modular, scalable, and flexible platform that integrates with your existing systems, providing you with the solutions and applications you need to optimize your supply chain.

WES is a cost effective way to both extend the functionality of your Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as well as optimize labor and equipment within the original footprint of a distribution center.

The end result: The lowest cost per unit shipped and the most flexibility to adapt to the ever changing demands of an omni-channel world.

Optimize Your supply Chain

Warehouse Execution Software Automation Equipment
  • Automation & Equipment

    Total control and visibility into the speed of your distribution center material handling equipment using our WCS module and DeviceSpace

  • Warehouse Execution Software Modular Design
  • Modular Design

    Over 30 modules to plug into our WES platform, customizing your system to fit your needs with a single log-in

  • Warehouse Execution Software Fulfillment Workflows
  • Fulfillment Workflows

    Wave-based approach or Wave-less approach (or a hybrid of both) to help achieve your business goals

  • Warehouse Execution Software Reports & Analytics
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Advanced reporting and analysis allows you to monitor your warehouse functions with ease

  • Warehouse Execution Software Labor
  • Labor

    Solutions for Picking, Packing, Putting, Palletizing or MoveLogic to reduce labor costs

  • 30+ Modules to Plug Into Our WES Platform

    Warehouse Execution Software Putaway


    Warehouse Execution Software Stocking


    Warehouse Execution Software Replenishment


    Warehouse Execution Software Packing


    Warehouse Execution Software Palletizing


    Warehouse Execution Software


    Four Levels of Optimization Provided by WES

    Warehouse Execution Software Order Labor


    • Real-time labor analytics
    • Configure physical and logical parameters to affect behavior
    • Leverage LMS standards
    • System-directed algorithms to reduce worker idle time

    Warehouse Execution Software Order Profiles

    Order Profiles

    • Fulfill wholesale, retail, and e-Commerce orders together
    • Wave-less, wave-based, or a hybrid of both

    Warehouse Execution Software Automation


    • Maximize equipment utilization
    • Work within physical constraints of current facility
    • Modular architecture with an Execution framework allows for OE plug-ins

    Warehouse Execution Software Inventory


    • Full suite of inventory management capabilities
    • Replenishment algorithms that tie to order fulfillment

    Why should You Implement
    Warehouse Execution Software?

    Implementing Warehouse Execution Software is critical for distributors to establish and maintain a long-term competitive advantage. Some of the compelling ROI possibilities include:

    • Quicker implementation time
    • Significantly less risk of failure
    • No disruption time of business
    • Increase labor productivity
    • Maximize equipment utilization
    • Reduce order cycle time
    • Leverage existing systems and assets
    • Achieve targeted throughput
    • Increase site capacity
    • Align departments to create efficient flow
    • Create operational agility to handle omni-channel needs
    Warehouse Execution Software
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