Being at the forefront of Warehouse Execution doesn't only mean developing world class software. As leaders in the field of operations engineering and warehouse execution, we take serious our role in defining the trends and practices driving innovation in the field of warehouse optimization. Our resources allow us to share with you the practices and tools we've learned while developing systems to make warehouses run better.

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Make Your Legacy Systems Agile

See how Dematic Reddwerks introduced Agility to a traditional Retail/Wholesale model Legacy Systems by integrating Warehouse Execution Software creating agility for today’s diametrically different real-time demands.

How To Win at E-Commerce

Companies can win at e-Commerce by aligning the four pillars of their distribution center; Orders, Equipment, Inventory & Labor, with Warehouse Execution Software.

Get The Most Out of Your Material Handling Equipment (MHE)

In order to find the best orders to process and to stop limiting the total number of throughput achieved through the buffer, it is imperative to leverage software by way of a Warehouse Execution Software platform.

How To Choose a Pick-to-Light Platform

When you combine the power of intelligent software, dynamic re-slotting and the actual light attributes, you create a solution that will continuously improve workflow and enable productivity. Our first ever 100% zone free picking solution provides very clear and concise prompting of selectors to pick The Next Best Task.

Simple Fixes to Warehouse Labor Issues

Overcome your labor challenges and increase productivity by using enhanced workflows with your current workforce and your antiquated technologies. Warehouse Executing Software (WES) provides the intelligence and optimization to create a single point solution within your Distribution Center.

Wave-Based, Wave-Less or Hybrid?

Going waveless has been the hottest topic of omni-channel fulfillment, but which is best suited for your facility? Learn about the differences in waveless and wave based, and how both can align in the same facility creating a hybrid solution.

How To Apply Science in the Distribution Center

Remember in high school when you used to think, “when would I ever use this stuff?”. Learn about how bringing a scientific and mathematical approach to the supply chain can solve one of the toughest math problems.

Playing Whack-a-Mole With Your DC?

By addressing point solutions, a game of "Whack-A-Mole" is created within your distribution center operations. In order to optimize your facility, and beat the game, you need software that can work at lightening speeds. Warehouse Execution Software, combined with Distribution Science, ensures holistic success throughout your facility.

Omni Channel & The Tyranny of Now

Customer demands are creating chaos within the distribution center, and changing the way retailers look at omni channel distribution. See what Alex Ramirez has to say about "Omni-Channel and the Tyranny of NOW!” & how Warehouse Execution Software takes control of the demands the customers put on retailers.

WMS vs WES: Investment to Address Tomorrow's Problems

For the past 30 years, retailers, distributors and third party logistics companies invested in software to solve one problem. Today's supply chain has required those same companies to invest in new software and technologies. The result: Warehouse Execution Software.

Optimize Your Supply Chain with WES

Dematic Reddwerks Warehouse Execution Software (WES) extends infrastructure life and improves Material Handling Equipment (MHE) utilization by creating certainty, momentum and alignment within the four walls of your distribution center. Leverage your existing asset(s) to serve all your channels with the right software and get more out of what you have and lower costs with sharper execution.

Dematic Reddwerks Warehouse Execution Software

At Dematic Reddwerks, we view distribution as a single, interconnected system. Our Warehouse Execution Software, powered by Distribution Science®, combines execution with analysis. We synchronize the discrete processes inside the four walls of a warehouse to create real-time decision engines, automating labor and work. Our software provides customers the operational agility they need to handle the demands of an omni-channel environment.

Dematic Reddwerks RaceTrack

RaceTrack brings traditional pick-to-light workflows to a 100% zone-free environment, resulting in reduced worker idle time and maximum facility throughput. Using advanced system directed algorithms, RaceTrack aggregates and processes the mass of real time data being generated inside a warehouse. It uses this data to run complex calculations each and every time an assignment is completed, driving labor to the most optimal location.

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