RaceTrack brings traditional pick-to-light workflows to a 100% zone-free environment, resulting in reduced worker idle time and maximum facility throughput.

Using advanced system-directed algorithms, RaceTrack aggregates and processes the mass of real-time data generated inside a warehouse. It uses this data to run complex calculations each and every time an assignment is completed, directing labor to the most optimal location.

How It Works


In RaceTrack, associates no longer own zones. Instead, they own individual orders.

Walk Path

All associates work along the entire length of a pick line or loop, moving in a pre-determined direction.

The system can recognize exceptions and allow associates to move backward if that is the most efficient assignment.

Locations Assignment

After the system assigns an order, an RF device directs the associate to the correct start location. Simultaneously, the lights in the corresponding bay illuminate with the color uniquely assigned to the associate.

Next Best Task

Each associate is responsible for picking the entirety of items required in a single or cluster of containers; everytime associates finish an order, the system automatically assigns the next best task based on criteria such as walk path, order priority, and size of items in the order.


Unlike traditional systems, labels are not pre-printed and pre-applied. The system assigns the most optimal order to be fulfilled in real time, so labels are instead printed as needed on mobile printers or later by automated print and apply systems.

Automatic Balance of Workflow Between Floors

In traditional zone-based picking, the floor manager is in charge of moving people between floors or to different areas based on overall need. With RaceTrack, the system anticipates workload imbalances in real time, automatically relocating labor without disrupting other associates or the system as a whole.

Use of Lights

Our intelligent and durable next-generation pick-to-light hardware provides over 50 distinct color displays, allowing multiple associates, each with an assigned color, to move through a pick area and easily discern their work from other associates. When two or more associatesmust select from the same location, a toggle indicator informs the associates.

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