Our Pick-to-Light / Put-to-Light (PTL) system has been built from the ground up to scale to the most complex deployments in the largest distribution facilities. We offer custom installation from our experienced, on-site hardware team. Together, we are ready to help you increase productivity while reducing costs.


Our Pick-to-Light System Has Been Built to Scale to the Most Complex Deployments


Run flexible workflows, including multiple users, order clusters, zone-based replenishment, 100% software-based slotting, and many more.


Robust devices with keyboard-style buttons, hardened protective plastics, anti-vibration connectors, and anti-static technology operate effectively even in dry, cold environments.


Server-based device protocol provides error redundancy and full auditability, giving you a complete view of what is happening across your facility.

Dematic Reddwerks Pick To Light Components


22 Alpha Numeric Character Display Center:

  • Seven programmable function buttons & bay light with four buttons in seven colors

22 Alpha Numeric Character Pick Module:

  • Continuous pick display or dual up & down picking
  • Fully programmable 11 buttons illuminated in seven colors

Line Controller:

  • Supporting up to 150 devices
  • Ethernet to server, serial to pick devices

Eight Alpha Numeric Character Pick Module:

  • Fully programmable four buttons & seven colors
Upgrade to the Next Generation of Pick-to-Light

Digital Display

The digital read out can display a number of descriptions including but not limited to:

  • Product name
  • Expiration date
  • Slot location
  • SKU number
  • Special character for unique picking instructions

Pick-to-Light System

Dematic Reddwerks Next Generation Pick-to-Light system uses one of 50 color combinations to direct workers to specific locations within the zone.

The easily visible LED lights indicate the worker identification within the zone as well as the location and quantity requested for each pick. Workers confirm the completed pick by pressing the confirmation button, and the light switches off.

Dematic Reddwerks Next Generation Put-to-Light system uses the light system to direct workers to locations and allocates product quantities for orders.

Put-to-Light systems are best for warehouses with a small footprint and efficient split case picking for bulk stock as well as great for seasonal items or items that do not have a long shelf life. Industries that can benefit from Put-to-Light technologies include: e-Commerce retail, grocery, pharmaceutical, and personal care.


100% Software Re-Slotting

  • The 22-Character Continuous Display lets you virtually configure pick devices to meet specific or changing products.
  • Re-configure pick locations or sizes within minutes to match seasonal goods, promotional items, small SKU size, or other product variation.
  • Move product locations without ever physically moving a PTL device.

Device Intelligence

  • Each of our PTL devices contains an individual microprocessor.
  • Use this intelligence to capture data and timing events for reliable and accurate reporting, or implement flexible workflow logic at the device level.
  • Communicate in real time and support features such as multiple selectors in a location, order clusters, replenishment, and dynamic slotting.

Built-In Feature Set

  • Pick Around™ fail safe technology means eliminating downtime when a device fails. Pick Around allows workers to continue filling orders using the nearest bay center display in the event of a light failure.
  • Seven display colors help distinguish multiple workers and zones to increase productivity and accuracy.
  • Intelligent power management lets each device regulate the amount of power it consumes for a greener, more cost-effective facility.
  • An individually powered light means if one light fails, the entire chain is not affected.

Intelligent Maintenance

  • All Dematic Reddwerks PTL devices provide a self-diagnostic utility, troubleshooting at the device, zone, pick line, or facility level.
  • Devices can be updated locally or by our remote support team, keeping your facility current with the latest fixes and features without unplugging devices or disrupting order processing.

Rugged Construction

  • All Dematic Reddwerks devices are designed to withstand up to 10 years of punishment in the harshest environments.
  • The devices are protected with front and back plastics and secured with machined brass inserts to ensure the electronics are protected on the floor and during maintenance activities.

Hardened Button Design

  • Our PTL devices include keyboard-style buttons that provide tactile feedback to the selector while protecting the internal electronics.
  • The switch mechanism is designed to last up to 20 million cycles.

Vibration and Connection Protection

  • Devices are attached using spring-loaded connectors to provide a reliable connection even when bumped, hit, or subjected to constant vibration.
  • Similar systems using this style of connection have been in production for more than 15 years with high reliability and low ownership costs.

Durable Channel and Brackets

  • All of our installations include solid, aluminum channel and several variations of angled brackets to meet you selecting needs.
  • Optional continuous brackets support up to 300 pounds.
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