As part of Dematic Reddwerks Warehouse Execution Software (WES), MoveLogic directs labor, handles workload variations in real-time, and eliminates managers making (often wrong) labor adjustments.


In our WES, every time a worker completes an assignment the software evaluates pending assignment priorities, proximities, skills, and resources of the entire distribution center. It determines whether the worker needs to stay in the same area or move to another area to create the most optimal assignment.

Real Time Communication

MoveLogic requires real-time communication with the workers. Radio Frequency (RF) handheld terminals, Voice terminals or Pick-to-Light technology can support this communication.

Worker Profiles

Individual worker profiles with personalized productivity rates in each functional area of the distribution center allow the WES to dynamically allocate the labor for optimal results.

Conveyable Workflows

Facilities handling conveyable goods move workers across different workflows as well as across assignments within the same workflow.

Non-Conveyable Workflows

Facilities handling non-conveyable goods may move workers across and within workflows as well as changing equipment and/or equipment attachments.

Immediate Benefits that MoveLogic Yields

  • Late orders reduction
  • Worker productivity improvement
  • Less dependency/lower investment in material handling
  • Elimination/reduction of staging and releasing assignments
  • Assignment interleaving across different functional areas
  • Supervisory labor reduction
How It Works

After an assignment is completed, MoveLogic determines if workersshould move from their current position based on workload between facility areas (floors, modules, zones, etc.).

It then determines if workers should move based on a set of other factors including the worker and floor attributes.

Regardless if a move is triggered, MoveLogic assigns next assignments based on many factors. A few examples include:

  1. Order priorities
  2. Walk & travel time
  3. Pick density

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