Being at the forefront of Warehouse Execution doesn't only mean developing world class software. As leaders in the field of operations engineering and warehouse execution, we take serious our role in defining the trends and practices driving innovation in the field of warehouse optimization. Our resources allow us to share with you the practices and tools we've learned while developing systems to make warehouses run better.

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Next Generation Pick-to-Light (PTL)

Our Pick-to-Light / Put-to-Light (PTL) system has been built from the ground up to scale to the most complex deployments in the largest distribution facilities.

Wave-less Order Processing - A Warehouse Symphony

Wave-less is a new way of processing orders inside the warehouse facility. Instead of releasing a batch or wave of orders, the system releases one order at a time. Although it may sound easy, it takes a paradigm shift to make it happen.

RaceTrack: Deciding the “Next Best Task

RaceTrack brings traditional pick to light work workflows to a 100 percent zone-free environment, in a simple and intuitive way. Based on criteria such as selector walk path, order priority and order demand the system automatically assigns to complete the “Next Best Task”. Take a look at the “RaceTrack” InfoGraphic to see how you can best move your selectors in your distribution center.

By The Numbers

Founded in 2003 as a Pick-to-Light company Dematic Reddwerks grew into the natural adjacencies around Pick-to-Light such as Warehouse Controls Systems, Inventory, Waveless & Waving and in 2013 became the first company to implement a platform called Warehouse Execution Software (WES). Take a look at our “By The Numbers” InfoGraphic to get our complete history and see why we are a leading provider of WES in the industry.

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