Distribution Science®


Distribution Science
The Methodology:

At Dematic Reddwerks, we look at the warehouse as a giant math problem. We have developed a mathematical, scientific, and systematic methodology of facility evaluation and optimization that we call Distribution Science.

Our Warehouse Execution Software (WES), powered by Distribution Science, combines intelligent, decision-making engines with the modularity of our state-of-the-art software.

Our solution features a robust and stable architecture that allows seamless deployment of workflows. Operations engineering algorithms anticipate and work around the particular bottlenecks in your distribution center, transforming it into a single, intelligent, interconnected system.

Distribution Science
Warehouse Execution Software (WES)

The Results:

  • Pick Density Optimization
  • Order Release Optimization
  • Automated Labor Options
  • Best Wave Planning Workflows
  • Customize Modules to Fit Your Needs
  • System Directed Algorithms
  • Better Picking Technologies
  • Software-Directed MoveLogic Labor Management

The Study

Our team of Operations Engineers performs an Operations Research (OR) Study to find the deepest pain points and constraints to meet your quantifiable goals. An OR Study is a complete analysis of distribution center operations.

This analysis is then used to create real-time decision engines (otherwise known as system-directed algorithms). These engines are built into the software to automate split-second decisions for next best tasks for all Material Handling Equipment and Labor. Once implemented, the engines provide you with the flexibility, transparency, and operational agility that turn your warehouse into a single, interconnected system.

Distribution Science Study
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