Bringing Total Control to Your Automation

DeviceSpace uses both configuration and business rule frameworks to map and control any high-speed sorter, zone divert sorter, merge, pre-sort, buffer, or any other specialized mechanized equipment, creating a standardized way to monitor and control a conveyor system.


Mapping All Devices

DeviceSpace allows for the mapping of all devices in the warehouse (PLCs, PC-based controllers, Print & Apply, Weigh-in-Motion, Stampers, Scanners, etc.). It controls the functionality of each device individually, allowing for a comprehensive, built in emulation functionality of any warehouse layout. Since the physical attributes of the devices are the same site to site, only the configuration of the mapping of the devices in the facility changes, allowing for easy and quick configuration reuse.

DeviceSpace Mapping Devices

Multi Interface Translation

We support all PC, PLC, and Proprietary interfaces types by using our device drivers to translate mechanical commands regardless of the controller type. Customers with mixed environments/sites can leverage their mechanical assets by simply changing the driver and configuration, similar to the way an operating system supports multiple printers.

DeviceSpace Mapping Devices

DeviceSpace Benefits

  • Controls various devices together in unison: optimizes together
  • Unmatched device assignment times 60 milliseconds (includes database lookups) compared to industry standard 500 milliseconds
  • Capable of high-speed sortation 1000+ Feed Per Minute (FPM) compared to industry standard 600 FPM
  • Faster, easier implementation reduces risk; reduces onsite time
  • Separates message level, function, and business logic tests to mitigate risk
  • Quick troubleshooting, ease of support
  • Architected for heterogeneous environments
  • Modular implementation mitigates facility downtime

With DeviceSpace, Dematic Reddwerks extends its philosophy of unifying the distribution center by treating the controls layer like the enterprise layer: Every device, person, order, unit, and ancillary equipment that exists in a distribution center must be considered jointly to optimize holistically.

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