Being at the forefront of Warehouse Execution doesn't only mean developing world class software. As leaders in the field of operations engineering and warehouse execution, we take serious our role in defining the trends and practices driving innovation in the field of warehouse optimization. Our resources allow us to share with you the practices and tools we've learned while developing systems to make warehouses run better.

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Distribution Science®

We have developed a mathematical, scientific, and systematic methodology of facility evaluation and optimization that we call Distribution Science - a complete analysis of the distribution center’s operations.

RaceTrack: Zone-Free Pick-to-Light Workflows

RaceTrack takes traditional pick-to-light (PTL) workflows to a 100% zone-free environment. Using advanced system directed algorithms, RaceTrack aggregates and processes the mass of real time data being generated inside a warehouse. It uses this data to run complex calculations each and every time an assignment is completed, driving labor to the most optimal location, resulting in reduced worker idle time, increased pick density and maximum facility throughput.

Warehouse Execution Software, Doing More with Less

As the growth of OmniChannel distribution continues to pressure distribution centers and supply chains to run more efficiently, companies are trending toward a new breed of warehouse operations system entirely. This new breed is called Warehouse Execution Software (WES). As companies strive to do more with less, and as the delineation between WMS and WCS becomes less defined, creating agility for distributors is paramount.

DeviceSpace™: Bringing Total Control to Your Automation

The Dematic Reddwerks Warehouse Execution Software (WES) begins with the foundation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). We abstract all business logic from the PLCs into server-side software using DeviceSpace™, our state-of-the-art product that bridges the gap between the Warehouse Control System (WCS) and CCS by moving conveyor modeling, emulation, and business logic execution layers into a 100% cross-device platform environment.

Next Generation Pick | Put-to-Light

Dematic Reddwerks PTL solutions have been custom designed to combine the durability needed to stand up to any environment with the intelligence required to run diverse and changing workflows with full transparency. The result is a light capable of providing you with the speed, power, and lasting strength to meet your distribution needs

MoveLogic: Real-time Labor Alignment

The main objective of a distribution center is to achieve timely shipping of the correct orders and with minimum costs. High labor productivity, larger throughput capacity, as well as high equipment utilization are important metrics in distribution center operations.

Wave Planning: Wave-less, Wave Based and/or a Hybrid Solution of Both

Remaining competitive in today’s omni-channel supply chain requires more automation than ever. Solutions must manage and automate labor, inventory, equipment, and the addition of mechatronics, while knowing down to the second the shipment location. Still, there remains one common goal for the supply chain — getting orders off the dock as quickly as possible.

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