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Distribution Science®
to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Our approach is unique. We look at the warehouse as a giant math problem. Our Distribution Science methodology leverages mathematical analysis to develop and design the best solution for your facility to maximize labor and space while lowering costs for On Demand Fulfillment.


  • A Waving Solution model that uses Distribution Science to determine the best fit for on-demand order fulfillment

  • Wave Planning, A waving solution model


  • Workforce allocation software that evaluates pending assignment priorities, proximities, skills, and resources to determine best worker location

  • MoveLogic Workforce allocation software


  • System Directed Algorithms that bring traditional Pick-to-Light workflows into a 100% zone-free environment

  • RaceTrack System Directed Algorithms


  • A modular platform for controlling and monitoring the conveyor system with built-in simulation functionality to any warehouse layout

  • DeviceSpace for monitoring the conveyor system

    The Dematic Reddwerks Way

    We follow a four-step approach surgically focused on the deepest pain points using Science and Math to solve problems in new and existing facilities.

    Leverage Distribution Science, Talk to Our Experts

    Warehouse Execution Software

    Whether you're trying to get more out of your WCS, Fulfillment Workflows, or Analytics, our WES optimizes gaps by connecting the dots with your existing automation systems.

    By leveraging Distribution Science®, our WES synchronizes and automates order fulfillment operations holistically within the original footprint of your distribution center or proposed new site.

    Warehouse Execution Software

    Why Dematic Reddwerks

    Today's facility design-build process is broken. Dematic Reddwerks uses our Warehouse Execution Software (WES) powered by Distribution Science to reinvent and fix the process.

    Warehouse Execution Quality
  • Quality

    Provide proven methodology to design, build, and implement successfully

  • Warehouse Execution Agility
  • Agility

    Consolidate business logic to increase facility throughput

  • Warehouse Execution Productivity
  • Productivity

    Improve labor performance while reducing direct labor costs

  • Warehouse Execution Scalability
  • Scalability

    Focus surgically on physical and logical business constraints

  • Warehouse Execution Efficiency
  • Efficiency

    Improve current Material Handling Equipment (MHE) utilization

  • Warehouse Execution Flexibility
  • Flexibility

    Plug into existing WMS and/or MHE to reduce capital expenditure spending

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